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Must-have Breastfeeding Apps

April 20, 2017

Just as giving birth for the first time was scary with so many unknowns, breastfeeding can also be a bit overwhelming. To help you with your new endeavor to nourish your baby, we’ve found some awesome breastfeeding apps to assist in your journey. From breastfeeding trackers, to pump logs, to advice on medications and nursing tips…there’s an app for everything!

Baby Tracker

4 1/2 stars

free on iTunes and Google Play

This is a simple, streamlined app that will keep track of everything! Benefits to nursing include a feeding tracker with a start/stop nursing timer with one-tap convenience, tracking of nursing time per breast, and tracking of pumping totals.


Pump Log

5 stars

free on iTunes

This is an excellent app for exclusive pumpers. Pump Log tracks breastmilk production, sends automatic reminders when it’s time to pump, and provides stats on your breast-pumping sessions.



3 1/2 stars

free on iTunes and Google Play

This app is a super one-stop shop for breastfeeding resources. It assists in connecting you to experts, support groups and other mothers. LatchMe provides access to instructional videos and locates clean, comfortable places to nurse.



4 1/2 stars

free on iTunes and Google Play

LactMed is part of the National Library of Medicine’s Toxicology Data Network. It houses a database of drugs and dietary supplements and their impact on breast milk and your nursing baby. Drugs with adverse reactions list safer, alternative suggestions.


Baby Feed Timer

5 stars

$4.99 on iTunes and free on Google Play

This app was not only designed for nursing moms, but by nursing moms. It will track when and for how long baby feeds and remind you when a feeding is due — even reminding you which breast to start on.



4 1/2 star 

free on iTunes and Google Play

Not only does this app track and chart your breastfeeding routines, but it also allows you to export this information in order to share with other care givers in your baby’s life.


To assist in making breastfeeding an easier and more enjoyable experience, Milk Nursingwear offers styles featuring hidden nursing openings to enable you to breastfeed discreetly and pump conveniently wherever you go. From the outside, no one can tell that these chic styles are nursing wear! Shop our nursing tops, nursing dresses and nursing nightgowns here.

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Milk Nursingwear’s Spring Styles Continue to Blossom

April 13, 2017

We continue to add to our spring line of comfortable, beautiful nursingwear. Check out our latest arrivals of figure-flattering nursing tops and nursing dresses as well as our gorgeous, soft nursing nightgowns. Milk Nursingwear fashions allow you to breastfeed your baby more easily and discreetly, helping you to enjoy being out in the world with your nursling.

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Milk Nursingwear April Style Guide

April 6, 2017

Milk Nursingwear’s Heathered peasant nursing top is a double-layered flowy boho top that no one will ever know is a nursing top. With a heathered fabric and raglan sleeves, this adorable nursing top is extremely comfortable. To nurse, simply lift the top layer to access nursing slits on either side. For this everyday look, we’ve paired it with a cuffed jean, cut-out bootie and a beautiful Burberry diaper tote bag.

Our Pull-down trapeze nursing top in short sleeves is a great basic tee. Dress it up or down easily. Shown here with khaki pants, leopard flats and a tasseled tote, this top will allow you to breastfeed in public and no one will be the wiser. Simply pull down the top layer to access openings on either side.
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