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5 staples to build your nursing wardrobe

March 30, 2017

Wondering where to begin with building your nursing wardrobe? Here are 5 of our best-selling essentials that are the perfect starting point for your nursing collection.

1. Nursing Bra

Our nursing bras provide comfort as well as convenient breastfeeding access. We offer a range of brands and styles including the Bravado Original nursing bra, strapless nursing bras, sexy maternity bras, sleep nursing bras, underwire nursing bras, and more. Our supportive nursing bras make your life easier while being the most comfortable.


Our Bravado body silk seamless bra is a great bra to start with. It features:

  • Melts onto your body, with buttery-soft fabric that is amazingly comfortable, and invisible under clothing
  • Molded foam-cup bra with a seamless silhouette, lovely shape and great support
  • Unique feature is the set of removable, molded foam cups that you use for a lining when you want them (to hide nipples or breast pads) and remove when you don’t
  • Easy-to-use and discreet nursing clips, featuring one-handed access
  • Simple sizing system makes this bra perfect for any stage of pregnancy or nursing, adjusting to your changing shape


2. Nursing Nightgown

Nursing and maternity sleepwear from Milk Nursingwear makes nighttime feedings so much easier. Our nursing nightgowns and nursing lounge-wear enable you to breastfeed your baby conveniently so you do not have to fumble with your clothes.


Our Ruffle-hemmed maternity and nursing lounge dress is the perfect nightgown for breastfeeding that will take you from pregnancy, through nursing and beyond. It features:

  • Soft, comfortable nursing & maternity dress for sleeping or lounging
  • Triple-ruffle detailing at the bottom hem
  • Nursing during the day or night is effortless – simply lift the empire seam for breastfeeding access





3. Nursing Top in Short Sleeves

Milk Nursingwear designs stylish nursing tops and nursing tank tops that enable you to nurse discreetly, without showing any skin or needing to wrestle with your clothes.


Our Side-shirred nursing top is the best choice as a staple short sleeve top for your nursing wardrobe. It features:

  • Sleek side-shirred top flatters your curves
  • Dresses up or down beautifully
  • Dual-function top is equally flattering as a maternity top and a nursing top
  • Nursing access is simple – simply move aside the wrap front to access openings
  • Fabric is incredibly soft and stretchy



4. Nursing Top in Long Sleeves

Milk Nursingwear’s fashionable long sleeve nursing tops make breastfeeding convenient and discreet wherever you and your nursling go.



Our Pleated flowy nursing top in long sleeves is your go-to top just after giving birth. This extremely popular nursing top is also available in a short sleeve version. It features:

  • This is a dual-function nursing top designed to be worn both during pregnancy and after for breastfeeding
  • Flattering neckline with a looser fit
  • Vertical nursing openings are hidden in the pleats on each side



5. Nursing Dress

Milk Nursingwear’s nursing dresses make breastfeeding at your baby’s christening, breastfeeding at a wedding, or nursing at any special occasion so much easier. Our nursing dresses enable you to breastfeed your baby discreetly—keeping you relaxed—and looking beautiful.


Our Celebrations nursing dress is a classic design that can be worn anywhere. It features:

  • Elegant fabric for a dressier feel and a more forgiving fit
  • Layered crossover styling above the empire waist
  • Easy-fitting and comfortable
  • Nurse discreetly by accessing openings on either side





All of Milk Nursingwear’s styles feature hidden nursing openings to enable you to breastfeed discreetly and pump conveniently wherever you go. From the outside, no one can tell that these chic styles are nursing wear! The advantage of Milk’s nursing openings is that they are well-placed, and well-sized to enable you to latch on and nurse easily while remaining covered. When you are breastfeeding while wearing Milk Nursingwear, it is likely that people will just think that your baby is sleeping in your arms. To see how our nursing openings work, and how they make breastfeeding more convenient, click here.

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what the #$%& is the fourth trimester?

March 16, 2017

We’ve all heard of the first, second and third trimester during a woman’s pregnancy. But have you heard of the fourth trimester?

A baby’s fourth trimester begins the moment he is born. It encompasses the tremendous transition that a baby makes from his mother’s womb to the overwhelming outside world.

Life inside your womb was warm and everything was consistent – such as temperature, nutrition, contact and space. Once delivered, Baby’s entire life does a 180 degree turnaround with loud noises, bright lights, fluctuating temps, hunger, smells, and most importantly he’s no longer in constant contact with you!

There are ways to make this period during the first three months of life an easier adjustment for your little one, while he develops and grows.

Babywearing – before he made his appearance, your baby was in constant motion inside you. Too often we put our infants down while we run around taking care of day to day responsibilities. Consider taking Baby through the motions with you. Whether just holding him or using a sling or carrier to keep your hands free, chances are the movement will feel familiar to him. Keep in mind the following safety guidelines when babywearing:

Skin to skin contact – Just as he’s been used to your movement, Baby has also been in constant contact with you. Take some time for skin to skin contact with your little one. It will leave him happier and calmer. His temperature, heart and breathing rates will be more stable, and his stress level will drop.

Swaddling – Nothing feels more normal to a baby than to be wrapped up and snug – ideally cuddled in your arms, but for those times when your hands are busy, swaddling is a good option. This can be very soothing and help promote sleep, but just as with babywearing there are safety guidelines you must follow when swaddling your baby.

American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Recommendations

  • Place your baby on her back to sleep, and monitor her to be sure she doesn’t roll over while swaddled.
  • Do not have any loose blankets in your baby’s crib. A loose blanket, including a swaddling blanket that comes unwrapped, could cover your baby’s face and increase the risk of suffocation.
  • Use caution when buying products that claim to reduce the risk of SIDS. Wedges, positioners, special mattresses and specialized sleep surfaces have not been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS, according to the AAP.​
  • Your baby is safest in her own crib or bassinet, not in your bed.
  • Swaddling can increase the chance your baby will overheat, so avoid letting your baby get too hot. The baby could be too hot if you notice sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, heat rash, and rapid breathing.
  • Consider using a pacifier for naps and bedtime.
  • Place the crib in an area that is always smoke-free.
  • Stop swaddling by 2 months as babies may start to roll over at this age.

Baby will make both mental and physical leaps and bounds during this time, and these changes are just as important as those taken during the previous three trimesters. Alertness to his needs is key!


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Milk Nursingwear’s Gift Registry

March 9, 2017


Milk Nursingwear has partnered with, so now you can place all of the items that you want for you and baby onto one universal, online gift registry. Create your master gift list and share your single manageable registry with family and friends — taking the guesswork out of gift-buying!

Register for any and all important life events:

  • baby showers
  • holidays & birthdays
  • baby christenings
  • naming ceremonies
  • welcoming baby into the world!

You can also use Milk Nursingwear’s registry as a wish list to keep track of the stylish nursing tops, nursing dresses, nursing tank tops, nursing bras or nursing nightgowns that you would like to purchase for yourself.

To create a gift registry, simply click here!

Once you sign up, you will be directed back to our site to start creating your registry. Shop like you normally would, but instead of adding an item to your cart you will choose the color and size and click “add to gift registry.” offers many great features:

  • Add products to your baby registry from anywhere on the web with their downloadable browser extension
  • Keep all your registries from different retails stores in one place
  • Manage your registry from either your desktop or mobile device
  • Notify friends and family of your registry with the built-in email tool to send them a link to your registry
  • Keep your registry private with password protection

If you already have a account set up from your wedding, you can use that same login to create a new baby registry. If not, click here to set up a new account through Milk.

Make sure to completely fill out your registry profile and create a gift list full of unique items and fresh nursing pieces from Milk Nursingwear!



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Milk Nursingwear March Style Guide

March 2, 2017

It’s starting to feel like spring!

Milk Nursingwear’s Lace-accent maternity and nursing slub tee is the perfect choice for just after giving birth. This relaxed fit nursing top gives you the extra room you may need post partum, and the comfy slub jersey fabric is soft on both you and baby. Nurse discreetly by simply lifting the top layer to access openings on either side. Keep your look comfortable with a cozy cardigan, distressed jeans and a great wedge slip on shoe. This tote diaper bag adds fun and function to your outfit.
Our Side-shirred nursing top can be dressed up or down, and this extremely flattering nursing top comes in a wide variety of colors. Nursing access is simple, just move aside the wrap front. We’ve paired it with a striped blazer, khaki pencil skirt and orange suede pumps for the office or any daytime event. We’ve accessorized with a tasseled necklace, a large nested stone ring and a hand-painted feather bag. Just because you’re nursing doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous!
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