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Top 10 Baby Names for Girls

May 29, 2014

hello my name isThe expectation of a new baby is a time full of anticipation and excitement.  

It’s a time for new responsibilities, new gadgets, and a whole new person entering your life.  Gracing your little girl with a name is a big decision. 

It’s fun to explore a wide variety of possibilities from trendy to biblical — romantic to gender-bending.

Each year the Social Security Administration releases the list of top baby names registered with their agency from the previous year.  They manage a database of top baby names dating back to 1880 and the popularity of each name over the years.  

Top 10 names for baby girls during 2013:

Baby Name Origin Meaning
Sophia Greek Wisdom
Emma German Whole/Universal/Complete
Olivia Latin Olive tree/Emblem of peace
Isabella Italian/Spanish God is my oath/Sworn to God
Ava Latin/Hebrew Bird or Life
Mia Scandinavian Beloved
Emily English/Latin To strive or excel or rival
Abigail English/Hebrew Father's joy
Madison English/German/Latin Mighty battle
Elizabeth Hebrew God is my oath

Milk Nursingwear would like to remind you to get your new baby a social security number.  Also, you can access the SSA’s complete database of top baby names at


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Milk Celebrates Mother’s Day

May 15, 2014

We hope that all our Milk Mamas had a wonderful and happy MOTHER’S DAY and enjoyed this special day with their families.

Thanks to all of you who entered Milk Nursingwear’s Mother’s Day Drawing.  Each of your responses were touching, and sometimes funny, tributes to motherhood.  Thank you for sharing your joyous tidbits of life in both words and pictures with us.

Below we have shared a selection of entries and photos from the contest.  We hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.milk_logo-revised

” I love being a mother because I love seeing the joy in my son’s face. I have heard people describe what it is like to be a mother, but I did not truly understand it until now. I’ve never felt more joy while feeling totally exhausted and time has never gone so quickly and slowly simultaneously. Motherhood has been a Bermuda Triangle of time, for me.” ~ Kimberley 

” I love being a mother because I get to spend my time with the most fun, warm, creative people in the world.” ~ Rebecca 

” I love being a mother because my children have taught me more about love, grace, humanity, and about the very heart of God in their few short years on earth then I could have ever learned on my own. Being their mother has been the most incredible experience of my life, and I am so thankful for them every day.” ~ Jenna 

Mother's Day collage 3

” I love being a mother because Harvey has shown me a whole new kind of love I can’t imagine having missed out on.” ~ Lauren

” I love being a mother because I knew I’ve always wanted to make my kids feel special and loved the same way my mother made me feel.” ~ Suni 

” I love being a mother because you learn that you never really knew love until you meet them for the first time. And then they hold your heart forever.” ~ Karey 

Mother's Day collage 2

” I love being a mother because its teaching me to be in the moment with a new person experiencing life’s beauty for the first time.” ~ Erin 

” I love being a mother because it is the hardest but most rewarding responsibility there is. There is nothing like the love of a child. Being a mother has taught me so much about myself and made me realize what is most important in life.”  ~ Kira 

” I love being a mother because no matter how bad of a day I’m having (or they’re having!) all I have to do is look at my boys and remember just how lucky I am ♡” ~ Jill 

Mother's Day collage 4

” I love being a mother because despite it daily being the most challenging thing I have ever done in so many ways, I would never have dreamed the sheer joy I feel when one of my daughters accomplishes something new, conquers an obstacle or simply shows me the world through her eyes. I cannot wait to add to that when our little boy joins us this summer :)” ~ Kelley 

” I love being a mother because there is absolutely no better feeling or greater love than the love one feels for their own child. It is the best experience I could have ever dreamed or hoped for. I have the two most amazing boys in the world – Camden who is 4, and Colten who is 10 days old (and nursing I might add – wink wink).” ~ Caroline

Mother's Day collage 1

 You can find the nursing tops and nursing dresses pictured above at Milk


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Milk’s Mother’s Day Drawing Winners

May 12, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day from Milk Nursingwear!

Thank you for sharing why you love being a mom.  We enjoyed reading your submissions and seeing you wearing Milk nursing tops and nursing dresses in photos with your beautiful children.

The winners of a $100 Milk Nursingwear gift card are…

Linsey for her entry: “I love being a mother because my son has taught me to live in the moment!

Christina for her entry: “I love being a mother because of the beautiful smiles I get in the morning from both my children.  It makes it all worth it! .”

Diane for her picture entry: “I love being a mother because I never knew how much I could love someone before my son was born. He brightens my day every day!”

Mothers day contest winner Diane Mueller Fey





Congratulations to all of our winners.  We hope you enjoy your Milk shopping spree!

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Milk Nursingwear Style Blog

May 9, 2014


May is here…bringing the sunshine and warmth we’ve been waiting for.

may style blog milk nursingwear 1

Our Side-shirred nursing top will keep you cool on spring’s warm afternoons. Pair this fashionable nursing top with a soft-knit maxi skirt and some T-bar flat sandals for the ultimate in comfort. Add a wide brim hat and some aviators to keep out the sun.  




may style blog milk nursingwear 2

One of our top selling items is the Sleek gray striped scoop neck nursing top.  Wear this flattering nursing top with some cropped khakis and great silver ballet flats.  Add some pops of color with a robin’s egg blue tote and scarf, as well as a coral cardigan.

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