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Milk Nursingwear Spring Dress Sale & Holiday Style Guide

March 27, 2014

bfm 3Milk Nursingwear’s Spring Holiday Style Guide for you & baby:


What will you and your family be wearing for Easter or Passover?

Celebrations nursing dress


holiday nursing outfit 1

This stylish, navy nursing dress is perfect for any occasion, especially the upcoming holidays.  Dress it up with a white jacket and a navy espadrille wedge.  You will look great and still feel comfortable while nursing discreetly by accessing openings on either side of the dress.  Baby coordinates nicely with navy and red. 

Contemporary knot dress


holiday nursing outfit 2

This fabulous, updated knot-front nursing dress is an obvious choice to celebrate in this spring.  Tan accessories make this teal nursing dress pop. Keep protected from the sun with great sunglasses, a wide-brim hat, and light weight poncho.  Enjoy your day with family while easily nursing by lifting the knot-front.  Baby complements your outfit with pastel corals and blues.

Find the perfect nursing outfit for your holiday celebrations during Milk Nursingwear’s Spring Dress Sale. 




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Milk Nursingwear’s Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages for Parenting

March 20, 2014


There are so many Facebook pages dedicated to helping us navigate the uncharted waters of parenting that it can be an overwhelming task to sort through them all.

We have compiled a list of our favorite parenting Facebook pages.…covering topics from traveling with your kids, to healthy eating, to breastfeeding.

Must-follow Facebook fan pages for parenting: 

(in no specific order)

  1. Cool Mom Picks

    Cool Mom Picks finds the coolest gifts, gear, tech and resources so you don’t have to.   Their page gives access to exclusive fan-only offers and giveaways.  Chat with other moms about everything parenting.  They also have a soft spot for indie products and services, particularly those from emerging designers and mom/women-run companies. 

    cool mom picks

  2. Birthing, Bonding & Breastfeeding

    Birthing, Bonding & Breastfeeding is dedicated to helping mothers have the birth and breastfeeding experiences of their choice. The site also highlights prenatal and breastfeeding classes and education available to families in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

    birthing, bonding and breastfeeding


    The KellyMom Parenting Community supports breastfeeding and gentle parenting practices. They provide a supportive, caring place for parents to come and interact as well as research based parenting and breastfeeding advice.


  4. Best for Babes Foundation

    Best for Babes Foundation aims to give “Breastfeeding a Makeover.”  They hope to help all moms make feeding decisions for their child without pressure, judgment or guilt and help them achieve their breastfeeding goals.

    best for babes foundation

  5. Parents Magazine

    Parents Magazine helps parents traverse the challenges of parenthood by understanding the issues and obstacles parents face. They make it a priority to answer questions, address concerns, advocate causes, and celebrate the joys of parenthood. Each month, they utilize the knowledge of their nearly 16 million readers to in support of children.

    parents magazine

  6. Alpha Mom

    Alpha Mom provides non-judgmental support and advice from other moms and parenting professionals, while trying to help women embrace motherhood with confidence.   They are tolerant of all styles of parenting and feel moms can all learn from each other.

    alpha mom

  7. Super Healthy Kids

    Super Healthy Kids specializes in making fruits and vegetables fun, simple, and delicious.  This is a great resource for parents who are looking for ideas, recipes, and tips for feeding their kids healthier and living better.

    Screenshot (25)

  8. BabyCenter

    BabyCenter provides trusted advice from hundreds of experts around the globe, medical advisory board-approved information, friendship with other moms, and support at every stage of a child’s development.   They understand and embrace each family’s differences giving parents the information they need to make decisions that are right for them. Their goal is to help them gain confidence, enjoy parenting more, and let go of some of the guilt and worry that comes with being a parent.


  9. Trekaroo

    Trekaroo is a great way to get the inside scoop on everyday travel with kids. With thousands of kid-friendly activities, hotels, and restaurants, Trekaroo unearths helpful and interesting discoveries near and far.  They encourage parents to explore the world with their little ones.


  10. United States Breastfeeding Committee

    The United States Breastfeeding Committee is a non-profit trying to improve the Nation’s health by supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding.  They continue to try and advance it on our Nation’s agenda through collaboration, leadership, and advocacy.

    united states breastfeeding committee


You can find milk_logo-revised on Facebook  – just click here.


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5 Breastfeeding Myths Every Nursing Mom Should Know

March 14, 2014

 common breastfeeding myths

bfm final


Discussions about breastfeeding often trigger a range of opinions, advice and beliefs about nursing.   As mothers, we get a wealth of tips from well-intentioned family and friends.  Sometimes this information is accurate and helpful, while other times it’s incorrect and off base.



To help you separate myth from reality, here are 5 common breastfeeding myths:

Myth 1: Women who breastfeed can’t safely lose weight until their babies are weaned.

Fact: Breastfeeding actually contributes to gradual, healthy weight loss because it can burn an extra 300-500 calories per day.

Myth 2: If the baby has diarrhea or vomiting, the mother should stop breastfeeding.

Fact: The best medicine for a baby’s gut infection is breastfeeding.

Myth 3: A breast fed baby needs extra water.

Fact: Breast milk contains all the water a baby needs.

Myth 4: Breastfeeding is inconvenient.

Fact: Breastfeeding is far more convenient that bottle feeding. Breast milk is free, pre-mixed, pre-warmed, and always ready to use.

Myth 5: Breastfeeding in public requires that a woman’s breasts be exposed.

Fact: There are many techniques a woman can learn for breastfeeding her baby discreetly — along with many stylish nursing tops and fashionable nursing dresses now available to nursing moms.


Thanks to for providing the facts listed above.






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Milk Nursingwear Style Blog

March 11, 2014


It’s March, and there’s still a chill in the air.nursing top milk nursingwear criss cross top

It’s perfect weather for Milk Nursingwear’s Criss cross nursing top. The criss cross front is not only figure-flattering, but it also allows you to nurse with ease by simply lifting either side to access the openings. 

Our deep claret, stylish nursing top, a great pair of jeans, clogs and a leopard print scarf make for a perfect every-day look.

nursing dress milk nursingwear




Your evening out is complete with Milk Nursingwear’s Cocktail nursing dress. Not only is this a beautifully, simple nursing dress, but it allows you to discreetly nurse by pulling aside the wrap front. 

This perfect party dress, a warm wrap, red suede pumps, and python-patterned clutch will have you going out in style. 






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Baby Necessities Milk Nursingwear Customers Can’t Live Without

March 6, 2014

We asked our Milk Nursingwear customers…
baby necessity






Here are the top 5 responses:

Stacy – Babywearing…number1

Baby slings and baby wearing are the latest trend.   It’s easy to understand why, as they provide a convenient, inexpensive way to transport your little one.

According to La Leche League International: “Baby wearing is incredibly helpful in integrating baby into your daily life. You can interact with your baby throughout the day, breastfeed frequently, and still play with an older child and accomplish adult tasks. Babies benefit from spending time in the rich learning environment of the adult world. Parents feel more confident and less isolated. Baby wearing also makes the world more baby-friendly.“


Veronica – Arms reach mini co-sleeper…

Veronica is referring to a brand of co-sleeping bassinet.  A co-sleeping bassinet is a baby bed that attaches to the side of an adult bed, allowing baby to remain close to the parents at night without actually being in the adult bed.  These bassinets allow baby and mom the benefit of sleeping close so baby feels secure, as well as allowing easy middle of the night feedings — while eliminating the danger of sleeping in bed with baby.

Alison – Nursing shirts…number3

When you breastfeed in a regular top, you have to lift your shirt above your breast to nurse — inevitably exposing your stomach, sides, back and breasts.  This leaves some women uncomfortable with nursing in public or in front of others.

Stylish nursing tops and chic nursing shirts have hidden openings giving easy access for your nursling to latch on discreetly – while allowing you to feed your baby and remaining total covered. This helps you relax, which helps your milk flow more easily and in turn makes your nursling very happy.  There are many fashionable nursing clothes available, and no one else will be able to tell that you are wearing nursingwear.


Natasha – Lanisoh…

Lansinoh is made from 100% Lanolin, which is a waxy substance found in sheep and other wool-bearing animals. It’s secreted under their skin to act as a water-proof barrier and mostly is found in their wool. Ever wondered how sheep never minded the rain and cold? Now you know!

The idea of using this in a nipple cream is that it acts as a barrier over the nipple like a scab on a wound, which lets the nipple gain back its moisture. The main reason breast-feeding nipples crack is the lack of moisture, which is taken from you when your child feeds, therefore, somehow you need to let your nipple get that back in a short amount of time.

Rachel – Our baby hammock…number5

Did you know that a baby hammock is one of the most natural sleeping environments you can give your new born baby? The safe, secure cocooning effect of a baby hammock allows your baby to feel swaddled and mimics the feeling of being held in your arms.  Babies can sometimes awaken and then be soothed back to sleep by the gentle bouncing of the hammock initiated by their own small movements.



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