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Book review: Feeding Thomas

February 29, 2012

We recently learned of Feeding Thomas, a 4-page memoir written to give “hope to mothers as they begin their breastfeeding journey.” We just had to share it with you. So many mamas need support during the demanding days of nursing, and this author, Jessica Rassette, truly ‘gets’ it.

Here’s an excerpt from her story:

“After a c-section delivery, I was a groggy, stitched up jumble when the nurse first handed Thomas to me. But he looked beautiful. He was round and warm with sapphire pools for eyes and wispy little fingers that grasped for mine.  Yes, he was beautiful. And hungry.  I was lying in bed with my husband, Tom, standing on one side of me, and a gaggle of nurses flocking around the room when one nurse placed my new baby Thomas in my arms and said so casually “You can try nursing him if you want to.” I looked up at Tom first for help, who stared back at me—blank. I scanned the room at all of the nurses while I waited for someone to catch wind of my awkward uncertainty. Surely someone was going to intervene. Surely someone would offer some instructions. I felt so uncomfortable, clumsily holding this hungry baby like I had never held an infant before. I cleared my throat and finally whispered lightly “I’ve never nursed before…”

To read more of Jessica’s inspiring story, visit her blog here. Her brief recollection of her struggles and triumphs may just give you the confidence that you need – or the warm feeling that you’re not alone.

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Guest Blogger: Alyson B.’s nursing experience

February 24, 2012

Thanks to ALYSON B., our guest blogger, for sharing your nursing experience with Milk Nursingwear. We applaud your motivation and commitment to following your heart. Your dedication to nursing Colin is admirable, and we hope you continue to enjoy that special time with one another.

“So, I guess you’re still breastfeeding.”

“Wait, how old is your baby?”

“Do you want to have an eighteen-month old that wakes up in the middle of the night asking for milk?”

My son is seven months old–well within the “normal” range for breastfeeding, and yet these are some of the comments I hear when I breastfeed in public or even talk about breastfeeding.

I felt talked out of breastfeeding from the start—and from the most surprising of sources. After my C-section, the wait to hold and connect with my son was agonizing, but the recovery room nurse told me I shouldn’t try latching because he wasn’t hungry. I’m glad I ignored her, because as I brought him to my breast, the most amazing thing happened: he latched on immediately—text-book perfect—and began to eat. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and I remember thinking that my baby and I were already a team—already thinking the same thing: “Suck it, recovery nurse!”

I still had mountains to climb once we were home, but my son gave me all I needed in those first days: confidence. Exhaustion still set in; hormones still raged, and there were times when I sobbed in frustration because his latch was off or because the leaking and spraying and spit-up were just too much. But, I forged ahead. I did not give up. I was determined to make it work. In my darkest moments, when I wanted to throw in the towel and head to the store for formula, I went back to the recovery room, back to that feeling of empowerment, and realized that I don’t ever want my son to give up when he faces a challenge in life. It was my responsibility to lead by example.

I know that in our fast-paced world, where we’ve figured out short-cuts for nearly everything, it can be difficult to appreciate the beauty in simple and natural acts. But I’m reminded everyday as I nurse my son to slow down and take in what’s around me, to cherish the moments when his tiny hand gently caresses my side and he stares up at me with love and appreciation. It won’t be forever, and I feel so fortunate to have this time with him.

So, yes, I am still breastfeeding—for him and for me.

Alyson is currently a stay-at-home mom and lives in Rhode Island with her husband Bob and their 7-month-old son, Colin.

Would you like to be featured on FreshMilk as a guest blogger? We would love to hear your story! Email us at customercare{at}milknursingwear{dot}com for submission guidelines.

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Customer Love and New Faces!

February 20, 2012

Thank you for indulging us recently with your entries for our “Share the Love” contest. We were touched that so many of you took the time to share with us the reasons you love Milk Nursingwear and the ease it has brought to your life. And now, we’re sharing the love with all of you.

Enjoy a selection of new faces in our customer photo gallery that we received during the contest. We love your nursingwear images and thank you for sharing them with us and our customers!

Here is a sampling of submissions we received that we thought you might enjoy:

I love Milk Nursingwear because I’m a new nursing mom who feels confident and stylish in the way she is dressing! -Jenny


When I put on my Milk Nursingwear, I no longer feel like a “frumpy” mom but a REAL woman!!! -Elizabeth


I love that I am stylish yet have access to nurse my baby easily when I wear Milk Nursingwear. -Kristi


I love wearing Milk Nursingwear because my shirts are so soft & comfortable. -Anne


I love Milk Nursingwear because it gives me the freedom to be a mom to BOTH my kids- to get out to playdates or to the zoo or to the playground with my two year old while still being able to discretely feed my two month old. -Kate


Milk Nursingwear makes it easy and effortless to look elegant while expressing! -Sarah


I love wearing milk nursingwear because it makes me more confident to nurse in public with their easy access and discreet openings! -Allison


The thing I love most about milk nursing wear is that I can nurse my son with my dad, grandpa, friends in the room and no one feels uncomfortable because I am modestly covered! -Brittany


I love Milk Nursingwear because the designs are practical, comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced. -Katie


I love Milk nursingwear because it makes it so easy and convenient to nurse baby any place, and look good doing it!  🙂  –Rochelle


I love Milk Nursingwear because your styles are simultaneously sweet and sexy, yet comfortable, and they offer me a sense of modesty and stylishness as I nurse my little ones out and about town – and on one very daring trip abroad with our active one-year old. -Michelle


I love wearing Milk Nursingwear because it makes me feel like a sexy, confident woman at the same time it makes it easier to be a breastfeeding new mother. –Laura


I love wearing Milk Nursingwear because I look as beautiful on the outside as I feel inside when I share those nurturing times with my son. –Jennifer

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And the winners are…

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our wonderful customers! We enjoyed reading your “Share the Love” submissions the past 10 days and receiving your family photos.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been awaiting…

Convenience, modesty, comfort, and glamour – what’s not to love?!” Those are the words of our grand prize winner, Grace! Congratulations on winning a $100 Milk Nursingwear gift card and thank you for sharing the love.

We also wish heartfelt congratulations to our 2nd and 3rd place winners, Krista and Elizabeth, who each won a $50 Milk Nursingwear gift card.

I don’t have any Milk Nursingwear to love, but I would love to have some because I have twins due in 6 weeks!!!Krista, we know this gift card will be useful with the impending births of your children. Congratulations and enjoy our nursing clothes!

When I put on my Milk Nursingwear, I no longer feel like a “frumpy” mom but a REAL woman!!!Elizabeth, we are delighted to hear that our nursingwear makes you feel feminine once again!

To all of you who submitted an entry during our Share the Love contest, THANK YOU. We loved reading your submissions and seeing your fabulous photos. Just because the contest has ended doesn’t imply that you should be a stranger – – we love seeing your photos all year-long, so feel free to email them to us anytime for inclusion in our Faces of Milk page.

Have a love-filled day, today and always!

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Milk’s Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 7, 2012

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, now is the perfect time to give your loved one an idea of the gift you’re hoping to receive. First and foremost – put chocolate at the top of your list! The decadent indulgence is just what you deserve on this romantic day.

But for your more practical “must-haves,” we have compiled a list of…

#1 ~ The Everyday Dress: You can wear it for your special Valentine’s celebration – – or, everyday, of course. This dress is just the right combination of style and ease. {Sale price: $35.40}

#2 ~ Our new Gathered loop nursing top: Just in time for spring, this flattering and belly-skimming top is comfortable for a variety of occasions. Throw a light sweater over it for now and then wear it well into spring and summer. {$44}

#3 ~ Goddess nursing lounge dress:  A romantic silhouette with gorgeous ruffle details, this lounge dress looks beautiful when paired with leggings for an outing or when worn comfortably as nursing sleepwear. {$49}

#4 ~ Sexy Amor Bra: Sexy indeed! This fun and flirty number isn’t your mother’s nursing bra. Pair this pink bra with our matching Amor panties for a sexy set perfect for the day of hearts. {$24}

#5 ~ The Milk Nursingwear Gift Card: Receving the gift of Milk Nursingwear is the perfect gesture from your loved one giving you an opportunity to do your own browsing and shopping during downtime from motherhood responsibilities. Plus it reduces his stress, too. {Amount of your choice}

Be sure to send this list to your significant other as a gentle reminder of the gifts you’re hoping to receive. Or, better yet, set up a Gift Registry to ensure that you’ll receive everything you want. We’re sure he’ll appreciate the cue!

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Share the Love and Enter to Win a Milk Gift Card!

February 2, 2012

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Enter our “Share the Love” contest to win a $100 gift card from Milk Nursingwear!

Here’s how to enter: Tell us – in one sentence – why you love wearing Milk Nursingwear! And, if you email a picture of you and your loved one (in one of your Milk purchases), we’ll count you in for one additional entry.

Please submit your entries via email with your submission (and photo!) to customercare{at} with the subject line “Share the Love” by February 13. With new nursingwear being introduced for spring, don’t miss this opportunity to receive a Milk Nursingwear shopping spree! The grand prize winner will receive a $100 Milk Nursingwear gift card and two other lucky winners will receive a $50 gift card.

Remember to submit your entry no later than February 13 at midnight EST.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for sharing the love this Valentine’s Day!

>Each entrant can earn up to 2 entries in the contest, one for their sentence about why they love milk and one additional entry for their picture.
>Entries should be emailed to us at customercare{at} by February 13, 2012 at midnight EST.
>Three winners will be drawn at random on February 14, and will be notified via email and announced on our blog.
>By entering this contest you are agreeing to let us use your submission and photo on Milk Nursingwear’s website, blog and/or Facebook page (first name only).
>All entrants release Apple from any connection with this giveaway.  This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple.  Also, there will be no Apple products awarded in this giveaway.
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