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Style Corner: Our Flirty (and flouncy) Halter Dress

March 25, 2011

Monday marked the first day of spring, and with its arrival came warmer weather (for some of us). At Milk, we’re excited about sleeveless nursing tops, bright colors and light, airy nursing dresses.

Here, we’ve featured our Flirty halter dress in teal. Wear it with a light-colored cardigan for a cool spring morning, and belt it for a waist-cinching look that proves your fashion know-how. The v-neck boyfriend cardi allows you to retain full access to the dress’ nursing features, so you won’t have to compromise anything. Finish the look with a great pair of Espadrilles – this spring’s hot shoe. We have chosen a comfy pair from Naturalizer that is practical – and oh-so-cute – for moms on the go. And don’t forget your diaper bag! Here’s one we love from Vera Bradley.

Our Flirty halter dress is also available in black and purple. Shop this customer favorite today!

(Dress:; Shoes:; Belt:; Sweater:; Diaper Bag:

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New to Milk: Lily Padz

March 9, 2011

First line of business – congratulation to JULIE, the winner of our Blog Subscription contest and the lucky gal who received a $25 Milk Certificate! Enjoy shopping, Julie!

If you haven’t checked out our new nursing pads, don’t delay in browsing – and buying.

Lily Padz have rescued countless women by offering them a skin-like layer of silicone (reusable, no less!), that is breathable and latex-free. And they’re ultra thin – because who needs the extra bulk when nursing?

We all know how hard we work to maintain our milk supply; with this product, we truly love not having to worry about the chance of leakage and loss. Lily Padz unique design reduces the chance of leakage by applying pressure to the nipple, creating a non-absorbent barrier. Gone are the days of embarrassing leaks that leave your shirt wet while you’re out running errands and juggling the kids.

Caring for your Lily Padz is simple: wash daily with water and oil, lotion or cream-free cleansers (your run-of-the-mill dish soap would be great!), and air dry. Padz should last two months with proper care, and sometimes even longer.

Priced at $23.99, Lily Padz are an economical buy – and a true nursing mom’s essential. Learn more!

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Baby Carriers and Slings: A Preview of our Hot New Styles!

March 1, 2011

Owning – and using – a baby carrier is ideal.  It’s a wonderful way to bond with your baby or young child by keeping them close to you.  It also makes your life easier. Forget the stroller at home and the stress of multi-tasking, because using a carrier or baby sling allows you to be the power-woman you’ve always been and to handle the demands of motherhood (and the rest of your life) in a simpler way.

We’re excited to introduce the new adjustable sling by The Peanut Shell and the coveted Maya Wrap. Both are fully adjustable, mom-recommended items that keep your child close to you, while making everyday errands and nursing in public much smoother. Offered in an array of fun patterns and practical solids, and priced between $54.99 and $64.99, our new selection has staying power.

All of our slings and carriers come with an instructional booklet or DVD, so you don’t have to be an engineer to figure out how to use them. And, they are all colorful and fashionable, because you shouldn’t have to compromise your sense of style for motherhood. We’re confident that carrying your baby – and simultaneously getting things accomplished – will be more enjoyable with this useful addition.

Check back later this week to view our full collection of baby slings and baby carriers!

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